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Don McCain


Don McCain is simply a believer who has served as a messenger of the Lord to many countries for 40 years in such capacities as Youth Pastor, Senior Pastor. He has operated in all five-fold ministry gifts as the Lord required. As an apostle he helped start churches. As a prophet he provided spiritual direction to some groups. As pastor he cared for congregations and as a teacher he has led small business groups and conferences.

Today Don serves as Vice President to a growing company as the head of sales for eleven southeastern states. In this capacity he proves that the truths shared from the pulpit all these years work for all believers and not just those behind the pulpit. He leads others in understanding these truths and becoming successful because of them.

Don’s wife labeled him, ‘The Bridge Man,’ a person used of the Lord to help others in life transitions – here a word, there a word, line upon line and precept upon precept in the making of Disciples. He is the founder of Hearts For Souls Ministry and Director of “My God is God”campaign, now known as “There is Hope,” the use of Testimony of God’s deliverance from death to life door to door CD hand out.

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Chronicles of a Believer

memoir, Christian spiritual Growth

When Jesus wanted to impart a particularly important spiritual truth, He rarely just came right out and said it. Instead He told stories, although we usually refer to them as parables. Jesus- follower Don McCain always figured if it was good enough for Jesus, it was good enough for him. After more than four decades in the Gospel ministry, he has gained a reputation as a story teller, and is often referred to as ‘The Story Man.’

In Chronicles of a Believer Don tells his story. It’s a story about love and loss, powerful enemies and more powerful allies, simple faith that moves mountains and simple faith that accepts when mountains won’t move. And it is a true story – a story about the full life that is available to everyone who believes. For as Don so often proclaims, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!”


If you are wondering why your prayer life seems to lack the WOW factor, follow Don on his journey to encourage and teach you through your times of need.

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