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Christy Bass Adams


Christy worked in education for 18 years. Currently, she is the Outreach and Connections Coordinator at Fellowship Baptist Church in Madison, Florida where she continues to teach, lead, and serve. Her writing career includes a weekly inspirational column for Greene Publishing and regular contributions to,, and in addition to contributing to the anthology, Whispers of Grace. A multi-award winner in a variety of literary categories, Christy considers her most important role that of a wife, and mother to two busy, adventurous boys.

Christy’s love for reading and writing was fueled by her middle school English teachers who exposed her to authors and literature that set her soul ablaze and stirred her ever-growing imagination. Once she obtained her own classroom, Christy instilled a love for reading, writing, and literature in her students, in all aspects of her classroom. Then as a college instructor, it was common for her to begin class with a picture book and challenge her students to find creative ways to incorporate the text across multiple subjects and concepts. Now as a mother, reading is even more important. Having two sons who love to sit in her lap and listen to a story, Christy enjoys fueling the imagination of her own children with timeless classics and forgotten treasures.

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Imagination Checkers

Middle Grade Fiction

It’s like playing checkers—only better!
Poppy made up the rules and they are simple. Pick a character. Dress the part. Make a move on the checkerboard. Then do something the made-up character would do. Like the time Cricket and Poppy pretended to be the only surviving humans during a zombie apocalypse and used Grammy’s air freshener as zombie spray. Or that time they dressed up as astronauts and pretended to drive a rocket.
Everyday is a new Imagination Checkers adventure…until Poppy ends up in the hospital.
After weeks of visits and no improvement, Cricket’s hope begins to fade. Until she meets Kyle—a boy diagnosed with cancer who lives on the fifth floor. Best friends from the start, Cricket teaches Kyle how to play Imagination Checkers and the whole fifth floor is entertained by their regular shenanigans. Frog hops, ninja battles, and pillow fights are just a few of the adventures they create.
Join these imaginative characters and fall in love with Poppy and Cricket’s favorite game—Imagination Checkers!

Also By Christy Bass Adams


Learning as I Go


Parenting is hard! It’s even harder if you try to do it without God.

Sometimes we just want to build a wall around our kids to keep them safe from the world, from all the pain and suffering, from all the big hurts and the small boo-boos. But that’s not what parents are called to do. We’re called to raise our kids in such a way that they will live well before God, in both the good times and the challenging times.

Educator and author Christy Bass Adams understands that conundrum, and uses the everyday ups and downs of parenting two active boys to illustrated the goodness of God, day-in and day-out. These 75 Devotions for Parents are specially designed to help you release your children into the care of God…because God loves your kids even more than you do!