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Educator, speaker and author Tammy Chandler is busy prepping for the release of her latest book, Devotions from Everyday Jobs, which is slated to impact retail on March 14, 2017, from WordCrafts Press. The 4th volume in her popular Devotions from Everyday Things series, Chandler once again turns her observant eyes on mundane things, like our everyday occupations, and finds the fingerprints of God all over them.

“What if your job was more than just a paycheck?” Chandler muses. “What if your job could actually make a difference, not only in your life, but in the lives of those you work with and for, and all the people you come into contact with as a result of your job? God created every detail of your life, including your job. If you look at your job through the eyes of the Creator, you’re no longer simply punching the clock; you’re participating in His calling. You’re not just working; you’re fulfilling His purpose. And a job well done brings Him glory.”

Devotions from Everyday Jobs will be available in trade paperback for $14.99 and in all major eBook versions for $5.99. But for a limited time readers can pre-order the ebook version of Devotions from Everyday Jobs for a special discounted price of just $3.99 from such online retailers as, Barnes & Noble, Kobo Books and iTunes. Readers can also order the paperback version from the WordCrafts Book Shoppe at a special pre-release price of $11.99.

After earning both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education, Chandler spent the next two decades using everyday objects to teach children and teenagers about our connection to God. Students and fans urged Chandler to put her insights and wisdom into a format that would reach a wider audience, but it wasn’t until her life coach challenged her to turn her ideas into a book that she seriously set about the task of compiling her thoughts into a single volume. The result was her first book, Devotions from Everyday Things (Westbow Press).

“There was such a great response to Devotions from Everyday Things, and I had so many ideas of other everyday objects that God was giving me to share, that I decided to keep writing,” Chandler says.

Chandler’s follow-up book, appropriately entitled More Devotions from Everyday Things, released in January 2014, and her 3rd latest installment in the series, Devotions from Everyday Things: Horse & Farm Edition hit bookstore shelves on Tuesday, May 5, 2015. The latter two volumes, along with Devotions from Everyday Jobs, are published by WordCrafts Press and are distributed to the trade by Ingram Content Group, the nation’s largest independent book distributor. Each volume is available in trade paperback and all major eBook formats.

Chandler is a wife, mother, teacher, friend, author and public speaker. She accepted Christ as Savior when she was five years old, dedicated her life to full-time service as a teenager and has worked in various ministries for more than twenty years. She earned her Bachelor of Education degree from Clearwater Christian College and her Master of Education degree from Jones International University.

When she is not writing, Chandler enjoys spending time with her husband, John, watching their teenage boys play sports, going horseback riding with their daughter, or playing fetch with their dog, Ava. The Chandlers live in Tennessee. She blogs about finding God in everyday things at her website, SimplyDevotions.