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Brooks Eason


Brooks Eason has practiced law in Jackson, Mississippi, for more than 35 years but has resolved to trade in writing briefs for writing books. He lives with his wife Carrie and their two elderly rescue dogs, Buster and Maddie, and an adopted stray cat named Count Rostov for the central character in A Gentleman in Moscow, the novel by Amor Towles. In their spare time, the Easons host house concerts, grow tomatoes, and dance in the kitchen.

Books, who has three children and four grandchildren, is also the author of Travels with Bobby—Hiking in the Mountains of the American West about hiking trips with his best friend.

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Fortunate Son

the story of baby boy francis

Julie Francis was a beautiful, wealthy socialite from Tulsa with a golden future. But during the fall semester of her freshman year of college, she learned she was pregnant. She was only 17.

Paul and Margaret Eason were a middle-class couple from Tupelo, Mississippi, who couldn’t have children of their own. They had previously adopted a daughter, but they desperately wanted a son to complete their family.

Their worlds converged at a home for unwed mothers in New Orleans. The day Paul and Margaret took baby boy Scott Francis home, he became Brooks Eason.

Mother and son never saw each other again, but life has a way of coming full circle. Nearly 50 years later, Brooks’s daughter Ann Lowrey learned she was pregnant during the fall semester of her sophomore year of college. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl the following summer. Because it was 2004, not 1957, Ann Lowrey was able to keep and raise her baby. She named her Ada Brooks. On the day she was born, Brooks learned that he was Scott Francis when he was born.

FORTUNATE SON-The Story of Baby Boy Francis is the amazing true story of Brooks’s adoption, the wonderful life Paul and Margaret gave him, how times changed from when he was born until Ada Brooks was born, and how he learned that Julie was his birth mother.


A tale of two stories that unfolded in different times, Fortunate Son is an extraordinary story extraordinarily well-told.