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Breanna Butterworth


Breanna King-Butterworth has created art on commission for individuals and for businesses in portraiture, business and group logos, illustration aids, and paintings for offices. A private art teacher, she gives lessons on a range of mediums, specializing with high-schoolers and adults, with the goal of equipping her students with a wide vocabulary of artistic techniques while fostering individual expression and conceptual and creative thinking skills.


She speaks French fluently and has a passion for travel, foreign languages, different cultures, and international peoples.




Cover Design & Illustrations

Letters at Midnight

Do you ever lie awake at night and wonder, “why?” The clock strikes twelve and sleep has not graced your eyes. Suddenly your mind is filled with thoughts of some of life’s biggest mysteries, and one begins to finally make sense to you. 

Slow Love

Mary wants Grandpa to tell her a story about Slow Love, the kind that fills your heart and makes you walk very, very slow.