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We Tell Stories.

That’s our motto, sure. But it is much more than that. You could almost say it’s a way of life. Telling stories is how we make sense of the world.

Book promotion is no different. I recently came across a blog post that eloquently captured that concept at The Writer’s Store in post title, 15 DIY Book Promotion Tools You Need to Know. Number 5 on the list was “Cultivate a Positive Attitude About Book Promotion,” and it said:

Think of book promotion as storytelling. The story you are telling is why you wrote your book, how it can help others, and how the world will benefit from your book. If you can develop a positive attitude about book promotion, people will pick up on it, and tune in immediately.

Some writers resent the chore of marketing. Their attitude seems to be, “I’m a writer. Marketing is the publisher’s job. Promoting my own book shouldn’t be my responsibility.”

Unfortunately–unless you are Stephen King or Malcolm Gladwell–the publisher probably won’t have the budget to market your book. If you don’t promote your book, no one else will.

Wise words. Read the entire article here.