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Bonnie Tinsley


Bonnie Tinsley, author of Against Every Hope, is also the author of numerous other books, including The World in a Garden: Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay (Marshall Cavendish, 2016), a beautifully illustrated picture book celebrating Singapore’s award-winning botanical and architectural wonder located near the South China Sea. This is the fourth book she has authored on Singapore’s national gardens.

After 15 years’ residence in Southeast Asia, Bonnie and her family returned to the states to make their home in Tennessee in 1996. She is presently Adjunct Professor of Latin at Middle Tennessee State University, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature in Murfreesboro.

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Featured Title


Against Every Hope

India, Mother Teresa, and a Baby Girl


Mother Teresa looked tired, doing her best to greet the swarm of people around her. Finally, it was like the sea parted and we were in her arms. I felt I had known her all my life. Her presence was so immediate, so focused. She made us feel totally welcome. She held my hand as I pled our case.
“We want to be parents,” I told her.
“We want this child.”
Americans adopting a baby girl in India from a Missionaries of Charity orphanage is not a common occurrence. The order rarely worked with Americans, the Richesons were not Catholic, and Bonnie had been previously divorced.
Three strikes.
But Bonnie and Cliff refused to be counted out. They would struggle against every hope, even carrying their appeal to Mother Teresa herself, to bring that baby girl home as their daughter.


This book almost read like a historical novel, and I would have to remind myself it was a true story.

– 5-Star amazon Customer Review