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Beverly ND Clopton


When Beverly Clopton’s momma asked what job she was planning to get, Beverly replied, “I’m going to be a writer.” Not missing a beat, Beverly says her mom retorted, ” Writing is not a real job! You have to get a job that pays money.” The eldest of nine children, Beverly, obeyed her momma. She grew up in Dallas and completed her undergraduate studies in the great state of Texas before embarking on a 40-year calling as a professional educator in the Dallas, Denver, and Los Angeles public school systems.

Stepping into retirement offered Beverly the opportunity to return to her first loves—the written word and the Word of God. She has since published three books of devotions, including Heaven or Bust: Journey to GlorySonshine: Reflections of Faith, Surviving Pitfalls on the Path, Rigors of the Call, and her most recent book, Until I Die.

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Until I Die


When I first started to write this book, the title, Until I Die, immediately sprang to mind.I liked it. The idea of continuing to write until I am unable to write because I have come to the end of my mortal life seemed a natural fit for someone who loves word crafting. And it seemed an appropriate followup to my last book, Rigors of the Call, for I have come to understand that not only is God’s call rigorous, it is forever. He created us to worship Him from the moment we are aware of His existence in our mortal form until we come into His presence in our heavenly one. What He purposes for us in our expressions of that worship is not something to pick up or put down whenever we feel like it. No, our worship, our being about His business is for always – until we die.

So, I pen these reflections and tales of varying subjects and experiences, because I feel He designed me to do that. In worship of Him, I write…

Until I Die.

Other Books by Beverly

Sunshine: Reflections of Faith

The Christian life is as much a journey as a destination. Those who embark upon it follow in the footsteps of the heroes of the faith who have blazed the trail for us. Like Abraham and Sarah, who admitted they were foreigners and strangers on earth, we also are longing for a better country, a heavenly home, a city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God.

Surviving Pitfalls on the Path

Surviving Pitfalls on the Path is a devotional that explores forty snares believers can expect to encounter as they travel the path to their destination. Each chapter exposes the danger of a particular pitfall and offers encouragement and support to help avoid the trap and its entanglements.

Rigors of the Call

As believers, we love to claim Jesus’ profound promise, “I am come that they might have life,and that they might have it more abundantly.” Abundant Life! Who wouldn’t sign up for that? The problem is, the same Jesus that offers abundant life also guaranteed that in this life we will have tribulation, an old-world term that means not just “trouble” but “great trouble and suffering.”


We are indebted to this writer for the spiritual acumen she offers in this forty-day devotional. It is a spiritual resource sure to guide the faithful toward the realization of their journey’s quest: heaven and its glory.


Rev. Dr. Henry L. Masters, Sr.

Publisher, By Faith Magazine