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Compelling debut novel Better Off Guity  explores the tragic, inevitable conclusion of embracing toxic relationships.

Author Lindsey Lamar and WordCrafts Press are celebrating the release of Lamar’s debut novel, Better Off Guilty, which impacted retail on March 31, 2021. A tragic thriller set in the Windy City, Better Off Guilty explores themes of alienation, isolation, revenge, regret, and ultimately the redemption that can come from admitting guilt.

About The Author:

Lindsey Lamar is a twenty-three year old thriller writer from Austin, Texas. She prides herself on conflicted narrators and unapologetic twists.

Being a consultant by day, a writer by night, and a dog mom around the clock to her beagle mix, you’d assume she could juggle. (She can’t.) Lindsey is passionate about lifelong learning and marks Better Off Guilty as her first of many in the fiction space. She is also the author of the unpublished fiction work, Khiana.

With literature being her first love, her readers roll in at a close second. To keep up with Lindsey and find information about her upcoming novels, visit: