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“Obedience” Slated for June 14 Release

Award-winning author Michael Potts is pleased to announce the official release date of his new supernatural horror novel. Obedience will release on Tuesday, June 14, 2016, from WordCrafts Press. The new novel will be available at all major online retailers and at fine booksellers everywhere.

It is a lazy summer day in the Appalachian foothills of Tennessee, much like the day before and the day before that. Everything seems normal, at least on the surface, like an idyllic, pastoral painting – the sky dyed with pastels of blue and white, the ground carpeted with dark green fescue and bluegrass, a clapboard farmhouse resting on top of a hill, sugar maples, oaks and Eastern red cedars providing welcome shade from the heat of a Tennessee summer sun. You can almost see moving images of little children running barefoot through the grass; an era before tweeting and texting and the triumph of technology over all.

Alas, appearances lie.

Behind the clapboard farmhouse sits a red barn, all bright and new looking; fresh enough to lull a casual observer into believing it to be the benign keeper of hay for cattle and shelter for goats. A closer look reveals the color to be not barn red, but blood red.

Locals tend to close their eyes when passing by that barn. Something is just not right about it. Some say it is unnatural. Some say it’s obscene and evil. But they don’t say such things out loud, for the owner of the barn is Sheldon Sprigg, a well-respected man of the cloth, the preacher at Hare’s Corner Church of God Incarnate. Sheldon is the most upright man in these parts. He keeps the law religiously, and makes sure his wife and teen-aged daughter do too. After all, to obey is better than sacrifice.

Still, there’s just something that not right about that barn.