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There is no typical WordCrafts Press author.

Our wordsmiths include college professors, high school teachers, Sunday school teachers, and homeschooling moms; doctors, lawyers, filmmakers, and managers; stay at home moms, dads working two jobs to make ends meet,

folks who write for a living, and folks who live to write.

Each and every one has something in common:

They all have a story to tell.



Keith Alexis

Monica Amor

Jeannette Barnes

Wayne Berry

Rodney Boyd

Ray Blunt

Holly Britt

Joanne Brokaw


What People are Saying

“I’ll read it again!”

“Every once in a while, I come across a book that beckons me to return for a second reading. This is one of those books. I highly recommend Angela’s Treasures to those who love family dynamics, history, and even a little surprise from time to time.”

5-Star customer review of:

Angela’s Treasures
by Marian Rizzo

“Best Book I’ve read in a while.”

“It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time and I couldn’t seen to put it down. One word for this book, creepy!”

5-Star customer review of:

House of Madness
by Sara Harris

I felt as if she had cracked open my heart and mind and was able to put into words what I am feeling.

5-Star customer review of:

Pressing Forward
by April Poynter

“I couldn’t put the book down!”

Reading this book will change your life. I purchased 15 copies so I could give one to everyone I know who has adopted a child, has a special needs child, or might consider it. Dan and his family know a deep unconditional love that is truly unconditional.

5-Star customer review of:

Confounding the Wise
by Dan Kulp