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Laughter and an encouraging testimony take center stage on Christian Devotions Speak Up! as Scott interviews author, actor and comedian, Torry Martin.

TorryMartinSliderAlthough Martin has a long list of accomplishments as an actor, author, storyteller, and a stand-up comedian, he prefers to use his gifts for laughter, writing, and entertaining to bring serious messages to audiences through the softening blows of humor. After telling a typical “Torry Story” revolving around his own blundering and misfortune, Martin pulls in the spiritual lesson in a sometimes subtle way. “If I can keep them laughing while they’re learning, it doesn’t hurt their brains as much.”

Martin was a stand-up comic and actor in Los Angeles before he became a Christian. After finding the Lord, Martin moved to Alaska and lived in a remote cabin with a friend who was studying for ministry. He gave up acting and comedy for two years and studied the Bible while becoming grounded in his faith. After being encouraged by some friends at his church, Torry began writing comedy sketches which he entered into the national competition sponsored by the Gospel Music Association called Christian Artists, now called Seminar in the Rockies. He won the grand prize two years in a row and now returns annually as an instructor. Martin has written for Adventures in Odyssey, a children’s radio series produced by Focus on the Family. For this self-proclaimed “hippie-for-the-Holy-One,” the melding of talent and faith has also resulted in the release of several books, including Under the Circumstances, and What a Character. Both are collections of comedy sketches about Christian life.