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Bible Teacher Explores Essential Elements of the Christian Faith

Middle Tennessee-based Bible teacher and author Barbie Loflin is pleased to announce the re-release of her popular 10-week women’s Bible study guide, I Wish Someone Had Told Me, on the WordCrafts Press imprint. This is Barbie’s third title with the independent publisher. Her earlier titles include Morning Mist and Positioned for Transition: Arrows in His Hand.

“A deep and passionate pursuit; it is our calling as daughters of the Living God,” Barbie declares. “We are God’s daughters, created with a fiery love burning inside of us for the One Who breathed life into us. We are the hungry, the pursuing, the passionate Bride of Christ, and we should live as nothing less.”

Unfortunately, many Christian women fail to live up to their God-given potential. They simply have never been taught how. “There is just so much that we don’t know; so many questions we don’t even know to ask,” Barbie muses. “Wouldn’t it be nice if someone had told us about the essential elements of the Christian faith way back at the beginning of our journeys? It might have helped us avoid a few spiritual potholes along the way.”

I Wish Someone Had Told Me is a 10-week, in-depth Bible study, directed specifically toward women, but the concepts presented are equally beneficial to men. Barbie unpacks such wonderfully practical notions as Falling Only Counts When You Do Not Get Up, and Satan’s Mind Games, while covering topics ranging from weakness to worship, and failure to faithfulness.

Poignant and laced with gentle humor, I Wish Someone Had Told Me is perfect for either group or individual Bible study.

About Barbie Loflin:
barbie1The founder of Poured Out Ministries, Barbie Loflin serves as Assistant Pastor of Springhouse Worship & Arts Center, a creative, thriving, multicultural body of believers just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. An author and composer, her work has appeared in New York Times best sellers, and can be found in bookstores across the nation.