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Influential Podcaster, Tina Yeager Interviews WordCrafts Press Author April Ballestero

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Tina has been been licensed as a mental health counselor since 2005 and appeared as an expert in Brandon Focus Magazine, POP Parenting Radio Show, Rick Whitted’s On Your Way to Work Podcast, Heart of the Matter Radio, Genre Chat, the Writers Chat show, and more.

Tina recently interviewed WordCrafts Press author April Ballestero about the Need to Be Relentless. 

About The Author:

April Diana Jean Ballestero—author, coach, consultant, guide—secured her Masters degree in Biblical Leadership and her Bachelors degree in Vocational Education. She is Habit Finder certified from Og Mandino Leadership, Abelson DISC certified, is a Master Graduate from Rapport Leadership International, and previously served as Regional Occupational Teacher at San Juan School District for real estate course.
April’s majority focus for the last three decades has been and continues to be empowering, inspiring, and guiding light bulb moments.