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Abby Rosser


Abby Rosser makes her home in Murfreesboro, Tennessee with her husband and four kids.

When she’s not writing, Abby enjoys reading, watching movies, baking (and eating) desserts and being outside…but not all at the same time. And she loves imagining stories (often when’s she’s doing most of the above).


Contact Abby at or visit her online at:

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middle grade fantasy

Don’t stand up in a canoe.
Never irritate the Lake Monster.
And above all,Remember the Fibonacci Sequence!

Dooley Creed was a nobody in Boston. But now that his family has moved to Peacock Valley, Minnesota, Dooley Creed has discovered that he is someone special.

Dooley Creed has fought a Valkyrie. Dooley Creed has outwitted a Viking. But Dooley Creed is about to face his greatest challenge yet. Dooley Creed is going to Summer Camp!

When Dooley’s best friend, Cyrano Mulligan, told him about Camp Pukwudgee, the camp for magically gifted kids, Dooley couldn’t believe his luck—a whole camp filled with kids like him! How cool is that? But it doesn’t take long before a new mystery launches Dooley Creed into another adventure.

Shape shifters, legendary creatures, and a ghost girl only he can see? Once again it’s up to Dooley Creed to save the day! But first Dooley must learn to… Hope.

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Dooley Creed is no genius. Dooley Creed is no hero. There is absolutely nothing special about Dooley Creed. At least, that’s what Dooley Creed believes.


Purely captivating with a finely-spun story line and rich line-up of characters. 

– 5-Star Customer Review