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Abby Rosser


Abby Rosser makes her home in Murfreesboro, Tennessee with her husband and four kids.

When she’s not writing, Abby enjoys reading, watching movies, baking (and eating) desserts and being outside…but not all at the same time. And she loves imagining stories (often when’s she’s doing most of the above).


Contact Abby at or visit her online at:

Featured Title


Weary, Come Home

Middle Grade Fiction

“In a Wonderland they lie,
dreaming as the days go by,
dreaming as the summers die.
Ever drifting down the stream.
Lingering in the golden gleam.
Life, what is it but a dream?”

The air had turned frigid, as it was wont to do in January in Peacock Valley, Minnesota. But it wasn’t the cold that sent a shiver down Dooley Creed’s spine. It was the recurring dreams his friend Fiona had confided in him. They somehow seemed to be more than dreams… more than nightmares. They seemed to be, well, prophetic.
Dooley Creed was a nobody in Boston. He thought he was even more of a nobody when his family moved to Peacock Valley, Minnesota. But Dooley Creed discovered he is something special. Dooley Creed has powers. And he is not the only one.
Dooley Creed has defeated a Valkyrie.
Dooley Creed has survived Summer Camp.
Now Dooley Creed has faced Middle School.
But if Dooley Creed is to once again save the day, he’ll need to confront what dreams may come.

Also by Abby Rosser


Dooley Creed is no genius. Dooley Creed is no hero. There is absolutely nothing special about Dooley Creed. At least, that’s what Dooley Creed believes.


Shape shifters, legendary creatures, and a ghost girl only he can see? Once again it’s up to Dooley Creed to save the day! But first Dooley must learn to… Hope.


Now Dooley Creed must face the most daunting challenge of all time. Dooley Creed is going to Middle School. He is once again called upon to save the day! But first Dooley must learn to… Remember.

Oh, to Grace

Life is Filled with Decisions. Some significant. Some insigificant. Some momentous. Who to marry? Which job to take? Cream & sugar with your coffee, or drink it black?
But is it possible that there are no insignificant decisions?

Weary, Come Home

Like a lot of folks in the rural South during the first half of the last century, I had what people today might think was an unusual name. But I don’t mind. Each word of my name is like a stepping stone that explains my life.


Purely captivating with a finely-spun story line and rich line-up of characters. 

– 5-Star Customer Review