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Aaron Shaver


Aaron Shaver is unashamedly a product of the TV generation. He found his love for storytelling at a young age through books as well as cartoon shows on Saturday mornings and preachers on Sunday mornings.

Aaron earned his undergrad in theatre and a master’s degree in public relations. Which means he’s always telling a story. And sometimes, they are true.

He and his wife, who performs and teaches theatre locally, reside in the Nashville area with their wild clan of four children. Their house is a very loud house.

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The Berserker heritage


The pharmacist, Carolynn, pushes her glasses against her nose and looks over the prescription. “Mr. Little, you have taken these before, correct?”
She takes a closer look at the prescription.
“Wow,” she says under her breath. “That’s quite a heavy daily dose.”
“Um, yes. Yes, it is.”
“And, this is for… anxiety,” she says just as I say…

Reese and Emma are a young couple struggling to make ends meet while raising their four-year-old son. They’ve got a lot of love, but love doesn’t pay the bills. Things only get worse when their house is burned to the ground during what appears to be an attempted robbery. When Reese asks his dad for help and a place for his family to stay, his dad offers only one, urgent reply.
“Run. Now! Don’t go back to your house. Don’t look back on your neighborhood. Something dark is coming. Something evil.”
That’s when Reese Little learns that trolls are real; that the Norse legends …the scourge of Vikings …ugly, giant trolls – are real. And, they want something that belongs to his family.


Great first work by an up and coming author. I can’t say enough good things about the story. It flowed well, was well planned out as a first volume in a larger universe. It moved at a furious pace right from the start.

– 5-Star Customer Review

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There are a number of common misconceptions or, more frankly, lies about youth ministry. During his years serving as a youth minister in several different churches, Aaron Shaver encounter a multitude of misconceptions, myths, un-truths, and outright lies about what a youth pastor is and does.