Joanne Brokaw

Humor columnist and award-winning freelance writer Joanne Brokaw has spent the majority of her writing career covering entertainment, writing feature stories and penning a slice-of-life column for dozens of newspapers, magazines and websites in the U.S. and Canada. Her extensive writing resume includes American GreetingsBeliefnet.comPatheos.comChristian Examiner newspapers, Christian Voice MagazineFocus on the FamilyPup Culture Magazine and Rochester Woman Magazine. She also assists her Border Collie, Bandit, with his blog and answers his fan mail.

In addition to writing, drinking tea and cultivating her flock of dust bunnies, Joanne spends her days dreaming of things she’d like to do but probably never will – like swimming with dolphins, cleaning the attic and someday overcoming the trauma of elementary school picture day. She lives in Western NY with two dogs, a cat, six chickens and one very patient husband. Learn more at

Bandit says about himself, “I’m a dog. I do dog stuff and then I write about it.” When he’s not blogging, he likes to bark, chew socks and run around like a wild animal. Be his friend at: